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Program Highlights -Why you should attend.

If you are a Traditional Choir Director, Accompanist or Singer, there are many opportunities for continued training. Currently, however, there seem to be few, if any, programs dedicated to the Ensemble Musician’s needs. Therefore, our creative team has created a program to fill the need for spiritual renewal, continued instrumental skill development, and communal networking among Ensemble Musicians.

Given the extensive backgrounds and many years of experience as Directors, Singers, and Instrumentalists in Ensembles, our faculty is passionate about teaching and helping form Ensemble Musicians. Our team has provided dedicated support to the growth of the Ensemble Musician for over 35 years. Most of our faculty has worked together (many for decades) and can “talk the talk and walk the walk.”

If you are an Ensemble Musician – whether a singer, guitar player, a pianist, a percussionist or play a multitude of wind or string instruments, YOU belong HERE!

♦︎Over 13 hours of hands-on ensemble instrumental and vocal training – Our team of ensemble professionals will teach musical techniques that will ensure success. Building on our extensive experience in conducting ensemble workshops at conventions, institutes, and parish workshops, we will stress the fundamentals of musicality and liturgically appropriate playing to enhance and support the assembly’s song. Attendees will work in groups of instrumentalists, singers, and combined groups. Everyone will have a chance to experience the multiple approaches to building an ensemble appropriate to their unique situation.
♦︎Opportunity for individual instruction sessions throughout the week – As time allows, and following applicable, current guidelines, time is built in for individual instruction to hone your skills.
♦︎Retreat for ensemble musicians who prefer a week of directed spiritual renewal – When you enter the retreat, you will begin to feel yourself relax, slow down, breathe and rejuvenate. Leave behind the chaos and take time for YOU!
♦︎Daily morning and evening prayer experiences and Thursday Eucharist – Taking time for daily prayer and daily reflection is one of the beloved benefits of this program. Simple yet affirming, there is nothing like praying and singing with our peers!
♦︎Other music ministry presentations throughout the week include:
✦Liturgy Music Planning
✦Digital Technology in Music Ministry
✦Managing Music Ministry
✦Inclusivity and Justice in Music Ministry
✦Authentic Prayer and Praise Faith-sharing
✦String Instruments:  Care, Repair & Innovations
✦Working with Sound Systems
✦The World of Stringed Instruments

Ample practice and free time are built into the week.

My Morning Song by Gregory Pierson ♦︎ Pierson – Young Project ♦︎ From the Album “Hope is Alive” ♦︎ © Hope is Alive Music 2016 ♦︎ Used with Permission

Just the Facts

This program is an independent event and is not affiliated with nor sponsored by any national, regional, or local organization or association.

The Bobby Fisher Ensemble Formation Program’s leadership is offering this program to enhance the musicianship and worship leadership of ensemble musicians. Proceeds from this venture will be donated to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization chosen by the leadership at the end of the program.

As a means of providing the best, fastest and most convenient service to you, our BFEFP attendees, we have chosen to use Bobby Fisher’s existing PayPal account for accepting monetary funds for registration payment. We assure everyone that internal measures and processes have been established to ensure the program’s financial integrity. All collected funds will be used to offset program costs of the BFEFP; in addition, any profit earned from collected funds at the end of the program will be donated to a reputable and worthwhile non-profit organization.


July 19- 23, 2021

Limited Participation:

We are limited to a maximum of 48 participants due to facility availability and Health Department restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BFEFP will follow and enforce all current COVID-19 restrictions in place at the Jesuit Spiritual Center and the State of Ohio at the time of this event.

Age Restriction:

We are unable to accommodate participants under 18 years of age.


Resident $759.00 Per Person

  • Includes a private room with shared bath facilities, meals from Sunday dinner through Friday breakfast, meeting rooms, and rehearsal spaces

Commuter $599.00 Per Person

  • Includes meals from Sunday dinner through Friday breakfast, meeting rooms, and rehearsal spaces

Airport Round-Trip Transportation available for a $30 fee

Deadlines and Commitments:

Your registration is not complete until we have received your payment in full. Please note as space becomes scarce, we MUST have your payment to count you as a registrant.

• Registration Deadline: Payment In Full Required by 06/18/2021

• Registration Fee Is Not refundable; however, you may be able to “trade” with someone on the waiting list if you request. 

• We will inform you of any cancellation by 06/18/2021. If circumstances force us to cancel the program, participants will receive a full refund.

•      Waiting list: If the program is at capacity, you may request placement on a waiting list. We will assign spots as additional openings become available.

  • BFEFP takes place on the beautiful grounds of the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, Ohio We will be housed in the Loyola Building 5361 S Milford Rd, Milford, OH 45150 https://jesuitspiritualcenter.com/

Gather in fellowship with musicians who share your love of musical, pastoral, ministry.

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